Why Boost Media?

First impressions count, right? Imagine you’re looking for a special anniversary gift, and you do a Google search for ‘pearls.’ Here are two ads you might see:

See a problem here? The ads are almost identical and don’t distinguish the product or retailer in any way. Ads like these are usually created with Excel templates that can churn out thousands of identical ads, regardless of the product or audience. This template-based approach is unfortunately all too prevalent in digital advertising, and predictably results in subpar campaign performance and lost mindshare.

Boost is the only cloud-based, people-powered platform that helps advertisers and agencies create, refresh and manage compelling ad creative at scale. We can help create, test and optimize your ads, for both text and image formats, across all digital channels – search, social and display.

The results are improved campaign performance, a richer customer experience and unique insights on what works with your audience.