Search Platform

The Boost Search Platform.


Source, Manage and Optimize Creative

Not relishing the thought of manually developing fresh ad creative for that new product line? No problem! Use Boost’s wizard-like interface and intuitive reports to source, manage and optimize your ad creative. From knowing which ads to test, to accepting/rejecting test candidates, to quantifying impact, the Boost Creative Platform is a one-stop shop for higher quality ads.

Work across Search, Social and Image

The consumer path-to-purchase gets more fragmented by the day, making it harder to develop ad creative for new and evolving channels. Whether you’re marketing handbags via Google Search, promoting in-game commerce on Facebook, or growth hacking the next Angry Birds, Boost helps you source and optimize both text and image ads, across all the relevant channels.

A|B and Multivariate Experimentation

Small things can make a big difference. Could you have guessed that switching out the words “final sale” and “clearance” in your search ad would increase Average Order Value by 15%? Or that an obscure character in your mobile game would have outperformed the lead character on a user acquisition campaign? With Boost, you can easily experiment with new strategies and keep the competition guessing.

Data Driven Decisions

How certain are you that your new ads work better? Should you look at Click Through Rates, Conversions Rate or another metric? How long should you wait to be sure? Boost removes the guesswork from testing by calculating statistical significance for each ad, and giving you a precise measure of performance improvements within desired confidence intervals.

Flexible Testing Framework

Are you an agency with a pool of writers and designers, but lack tools for testing and creative experimentation? Or a brand faced with a set of unique regulations that make it challenging to use external creatives? Boost has been designed such that all creative-facing capabilities such as content submission, brand guidelines and workflows can be used with in-house teams or with our network. You can even mix and match to augment resources or gain an outside perspective. Either way, you’ll be able to create innovative messaging and quickly test new approaches.

Bring Your Own Data (BYOD)

Do you need to leverage data from Marin, Adobe DoubleClick, Kenshoo or another proprietary application? Or are you optimizing to non-revenue conversion types, such as form-fills or downloads? As an open platform, Boost makes it easy for you to bring your own data, and optimize to your specific KPIs.