Boost Insights+

A unique combination of machine-learning algorithms and data scientists, delivering customized insights on your specific ad creative strategies and audience behavior.


Detect and Address Ad Fatigue

More so than other forms of marketing media, digital ads can have a short shelf life. Depending on your specific audience, channels and competition, ads can become stale in anywhere from a few days to weeks and degrade your performance. With Insights+, Boost can proactively uncover ad fatigue and deliver new ad creative where appropriate, keeping you top of mind with your audience.

Experiment with New Creative Strategies

Digital advertising is where art meets science, and constantly trying out new ideas is key to building that breakout campaign. Maybe you need to compare two celebrity endorsements in your ad creative? Or determine if puppies work better than kittens for that new line of pet products? Using Insights+, you can ask any such questions, determine which strategies are working, and quickly uncover new ways to improve your messaging.

Use Lexical Analysis for Next Level Insights

Does “Shop Now” work better than “Buy Now.” What if your audience was in the US versus the UK? What words or attributes do your highest performing ads have in common? What about the lowest performing ads? Boost’s data scientists and proprietary algorithms will uncover new lexical insights within your ad campaigns, enabling you to dramatically improve their performance and connect more deeply with your audience.

Outsmart your Competition

Do competitors mimic your creative and promotional strategies? Are they constantly undercutting you on price or discounts? Is your business landscape more fluid than ever with new or niche competitors? With Insights+, you’ll get detailed reporting on your top competitors, along with their creative and promotional strategies, and be able to stay a step ahead.

Streamline Promotions

If you’re like most businesses, you have a high degree of seasonality coupled with a busy promotional calendar. As effective as promotions can be for driving revenue, they introduce significant operational complexity in areas such as message testing, updating ad creative at scale, and quickly responding to competitor moves. With Insights+, Boost helps you manage the complexity of your promotional calendar, all while delivering high-quality creative and world-class message testing.