About Boost

The Boost Optimization Platform increases advertiser profitability by using a combination of humans and software to drive increased ad relevance at scale.

When we started Boost Media over seven years ago, we set out to empower advertisers with a way to provide rich, personalized creative at scale. For years there have been incredible investments into technology platforms to focus on optimizing keywords and bids. Yet at the heart of these, campaign creative had simply been an afterthought, executed through Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI), ad templates and other non-unique production approaches. So we set out to change that. We believe humans are at the core of creativity, not machines. Though, machines have their place too, and we have built the world’s most sophisticated platform to write, test and report on ad creative.

As advertisers quickly are realizing the huge opportunity in rich, personalized creative, Boost has been at the forefront of this wave. We believe Creative is truly the last frontier of optimization. By marrying the best in campaign management technologies with Boost, the leading creative optimization platform, advertisers will be able to achieve something extraordinary: an end-to-end solution for digital advertising optimization.

Today, Boost Media is the leading Creative Optimization Platform and has delivered more than $1 billion in optimized digital ads for enterprise brands. With Boost Media, marketers can source, test and optimize ad creative across search, social, image, and mobile. Boost also provides unprecedented insights that let marketers pinpoint which creative strategies are working and why. Based in San Francisco, Boost is used by more than 100 leading global brands to drive performance and mindshare.

Founder & Chief Product Officer - Boost Media Inc.