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Agencies: Access, Integration, and ReportingBack to top

What kind of reporting is available?A full suite of detailed reporting is available to agency clients. Reporting is supplied at the client level and provides a deep-dive of the optimization results for each account. Account reporting tracks improvements in key metrics such as CTR and CPI (conversions per impression), and reductions in CPC and CPA. With additional information from the agency, we can report on ROAS and increased media spend as well.Can Boost Media sync with MCC? Does an agency have to sync all clients?Yes, Boost Media can sync with MCC type accounts, but not all agency clients need to be included ". "with the sync. The agency has complete control over which clients they want to sync and which ones ". "they want to leave out.How does the ad copy approval process work? Does the agency or client approve ad submissions?Either the agency or the client can approve ad submissions before they are set to go live in an". " account. Boost Media also provides a layer of quality assurance by assigning a Lead Writer to each ". "account responsible for reviewing all submission for advertiser guidelines adherence.Are there different access levels within an account?Agency logins have two levels. Each Account Manager login controls their sub accounts and there ". "is a universal agency login that allows impersonating all Account Mangers to view their activities.Does Boost Media integrate with 3rd party tracking?Boost Media integrates with any 3rd party tracking system as long as the agency is able to send ". "us the data by email. By doing so, Boost Media is able to import conversion data from other systems and ". "use them in the calculation.What success metrics can Boost Media optimize for?Boost Media optimizes conversions or click-through-rate by default, but any of your preferred ". "metrics can be used instead.

Agencies: Fees and CostsBack to top

Do agency clients have to know about Boost Media?No, Boost Media can work behind the scenes and totally anonymously.Does Boost Media White Label?Yes, upon request. We can be the agency’s hidden resource or we can be front and center.How are agencies billed?Agencies can choose if they want to be billed or have Boost Media bill the client directly. Agencies also have the choice of either being invoiced, or they can pay using a credit card. Boost Media accepts payment with all major credit cards.Are there agency discounts for bringing in more spend?Yes, our agency pricing is available when you bring in a spend threshold, and there are further discounts available as volume increases.How does the cost of using Boost Media affect agency margins?Agencies can either treat this as a profit center and pass the costs along to their clients, or they can absorb the costs if they choose to. Additionally, Boost Media increase RPMs by an average of 37%, leading to more billings for agencies operating off of a percentage of spend.

Advertisers: Running an Ad ContestBack to top

What is a contest?A contest is a performance-based split test between 1 – 4 Challenger ads against your best performing ad in a single ad group. Only one test per ad group at a time is allowed but multiple ad groups can be tested simultaneously.How many contests are in a testing round?We will continue to split test and write ads until we beat your current performance. There is no limit (i.e no extra cost) to the number of ads that we will test until we find a winning ad.How do I enable contests for ad groups?New contests can be started from the Contest Activation screen (located in the Contests section once you have logged in). If you have sufficient funds, you can start a new contest and our optimization network will begin to creating submissions for it. You will be billed automatically.Is there a limit to the number of contests I can have at the same time?No, there is no limit to the number of total contests that can be activated simultaneously.How long does it take to run a contest?Usually 14 days, in some cases longer. To ensure that our results are statistically significant, we test all our ads for a minimum of 14 days before a winner can be determined. The duration is a function of the number of clicks and impressions that each ad gets during the contest. The more clicks and impressions, the shorter the contest will run. Also, the performance difference between the Target and Challenger ad also plays a large role in determining the contest length.How do I know when new ads are submitted to my contest?Every time a new ad is submitted we will email you to come back and approve it so we can start running your contests as quickly as possible.How many ads will I get to choose from?Boost Media will provide 1 – 4 ad submissions per contest, depending on the ad group click or conversion volume. This is done automatically to achieve statistically significant results in a reasonable amount of time.Can your writers network provide ads in different languages?Yes. We optimize ads in over 50 languages, however the submission process may be slower for certain languages. Please contact us if you require more information on this.What happens if I don’t like the submitted ads?You have the ability to accept, edit or reject submitted ads at no extra cost.Is there a limit to the number of ads I can reject?No, within reason. We do encourage you not to prejudge submissions; often small changes or rephrasing of your current copy can have significantly better results. In most cases involving expert writers, testing ads is the only way to determine if an ad is better. We encourage to always accept ads that are within the advertising guidelines you provide, or modify your guidelines to include guidance on the issue you are rejecting.What happens if I change my existing ad during the contest?If you make any changes to your ads while a contest is running, the contest will be automatically paused for manual review. Contest breakage fees may apply – our writers’ time is valuable and we want to give them every opportunity to win through contests that come to completion.Why is my contest paused? How do I get it unpaused?Contests are paused when we detect ads that have been modified. Unpausing a contest requires you to review the contest details page for reactivation.What happens if I change my bid, keywords, budget, or targeting during the contest?Your contest will continue to run smoothly – our system is designed to find the best ad copy regardless of any of these factors. Changing your bid or your keywords affects both the Champion and the Challenger ads equally, so the overall contest remains unaffected.How do you choose a winning ad?We use a statistical model that examines the number of impressions and clicks to determine a winner for each ad. We pick the best ad as soon as we reach a confidence level of at least 90% and the test has run for at least 14 days. At the beginning of a contest, our system will automatically delete significantly under-performing submissions within three days to ensure that only the best possible ads are running.Can I pick winning ads based on success metrics other than CTR?Yes. Our system will automatically select the most appropriate success metric for your ad group based on click and conversion volumes. If you have sufficient conversions, we use Conversions per Impression (CPI). Otherwise, we use CTR by default. Success metrics can be selected upon contest start.

Advertisers: Search Engine, Ad Network, and Platform IntegrationBack to top

Which ad networks do you support?Google AdWords and Facebook are currently supported. We have solutions for Bing, LinkedIn and Twitter platforms in development.

Advertisers: Account MaintenanceBack to top

How do I change my password?All account changes can be made in the ‘Accounts & Setting’ section of the site. Passwords are located in the ‘Edit Personal Info’ and ‘Login’ sections.How do I change my AdWords login?All account changes can be made in the ‘Accounts & Setting’ section of the site. AdWords logins are located in the ‘Edit Network Accounts’.

Advertisers: Fees and CostsBack to top

What is your satisfaction guarantee?We promise to continue submitting and testing ads until we beat your current performance.What payment methods do you accept?At the moment we accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express credit cards. All charges are in US Dollars.How do I change my payment method?All account changes can be made in the ‘Accounts & Setting’ section of the site. Payment information is located in the ‘Edit Payment Information’ section.How do I view payment history?‘Accounts & Settings’ – ‘View Invoices’ provides the payment information.

Advertisers: PrivacyBack to top

What do Writers see on my contests?Writers do not have access to the same data that you see as an advertiser. Writers have access only to the four pieces of information crucial to writing great ad copy: 1) a proprietary analysis of all past ads within the ad group, as well as their performance; 2) the landing page for the current ad; 3) the top 10 keywords for the ad group; and 4) the advertising guidelines you provide. They have access to NO other information about your account, including click through rates, budgets, impressions, or any of your account data.How does Boost Media keep my proprietary data confidential?All sensitive data such as AdWords, Facebook, and Yahoo/Bing adCenter logins and Boost Media logins is encrypted in our system and housed behind a firewall. We value your privacy and do not share any of your information.What is your writer and image creative screening process?All Boost Media writers go through a rigorous screening and evaluation process prior to admittance into the network. Boost Media only employs proven and experienced copy writers and image optimizers to the ensure the quality of the network and performance.How do I become a Booster?To become a Booster, you must submit an application and take an admission test. We review all applications, and most candidates also have a brief interview before joining. We also take into account the volume of ads we currently have in our system when admitting applicants.Do I have to pay to join Boost Media or to enter a contest?No – all applications and contests are free to join. We do not charge any fees to our writers.Do I need to be an AdWords / adCenter professional to join?It helps, but is not necessary. If you are a great copywriter in general, we find that the skills are transferable, but that there is some learning which you’ll have to complete. We have materials for any writer who we admit who needs to get up-to-speed on how AdWords / adCenter copy is different.If I’m not accepted, can I re-apply?Yes – we often suspect that the writers who we do not let in are actually good candidates, but need to expand on their responses in their test. Feel free to apply again, or write us for feedback.Once I’m a Booster, how do I create ads?You’ll see a page called “Contest Search,” which contains our two types of contests. Some contests are ‘Each Accepted Ad,’ for which the advertiser needs to verify that the ad copy is suitable before you are awarded the prize value. Other contests are ‘Each Winning Ad’, for which first the advertiser needs to verify that the ad copy is suitable, and then the ad needs to garner the highest performance as it runs live for a minimum of 14 days before you are awarded the prize value.What kinds of ads will I be writing?All ads will be on the Google AdWords or Microsoft adCenter platforms – 95 characters plus the display URL. That said, the breadth of advertisers who work with us is quite wide! We have major online retailers, pharmaceutical companies, hotels, online social platforms, etc.Where will my work be published?Your work will be published online, on the front pages of the Google and Bing search pages.Who owns my ad copy?When the advertiser accepts your ad, they are purchasing it from you through the Boost Media marketplace.

Writers: Fees and CostsBack to top

How much can I earn with Boost Media?A lot! Boost Media offers its writers the opportunity to generate a consistent and potentially a significant revenue stream while working from home. Our on-demand model allows writers to have the flexibility to choose their own hours, assume projects at their choosing, and the ability to work from any computer with access to the internet. The potential to generate revenue can vary greatly depending on writer’s experience, efficiency, quality of reported ads, writer’s grade, etc.Are there fees charged to writers?No. Fees are paid by the advertisers and Boost Media takes a service fee for finding the advertisers and running the contests. The rest is given to writers that can improve the advertisers performance. That said, without a PayPal debit card, PayPal can deduct a small percentage of the total winnings.When do I get paid?Boost Media will process payments once a week. Payments will be made via Paypal.What currency do I get paid in?US Dollars.How do I change my password?All account changes can be made in the Accounts & Setting section of the site. Passwords are located in the Edit Personal Info and Login section.How do I change my payment method?All account changes can be made in the Accounts & Setting section of the site. Payment information is located in the Edit Payment Information section.How do I view payment history?Accounts & Settings-View Invoices provides the payment information.